Current Season

The Ripon Area Community Theatre's 2024 season. 

2024 Season Blue Ribbons

Written and Directed by Thomas Bakken


The Ripon Area Community Theatre (RACT) presents the world premiere of the original comedy play, "Blue Ribbons," a play about love, hate, and pie,
written by Thomas Bakken; May 31st through June 2nd.

Pies, family, and more pies. What could be better than that? Why, winning the coveted blue ribbon at the annual town fair, obviously. For the last 20 years, Anne Cross and Deloris Doyle have done exactly that.
It is now the twenty-first year of their not-so-friendly competition, and the two women stand tied with ten wins apiece. Their feud has become the stuff of town legend. Yet, their antics continue to take a toll on their families and community at large.
Now, as Anne and Deloris square off for this year’s contest, the eccentric pie judges, scheming town board members and hapless families all become entangled in one last battle for the blue ribbon.

2024 Season Blue Ribbons


Directed by Brian Reilly


Our summer musical will be "The Wizard of Oz," the magical tale of Dorothy Gale seeking a way back home, and making friends (and enemies) along the way. Performances will be August 16th-18th.

Children’s Auditions:

Fri. June 14 4:30-7:30 pm
Sat. June 15 2-5 pm

Adult Auditions:

Sun. June 16 & Mon. June 17
6-9 pm

First Congregational Church 220 Ransom St, Ripon

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